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How To Make Money From Internet

How To Make Money From Internet

online money making
Make money online

Can we really make money from internet

The answer is yes. You can make money from internet. But if you think that you have not to do hard work and Internet will give you huge money then you never can make money from Internet. There are some ways to make money from internet. I will share the best ways to make money from online.


Blogging is the best way where you can make a good money by making blog websites. Now there are many bloggers who are making a huge amount of money from their blog websites. But you have to work hard first three or four months. After that you can make money from your website.

what is blog and blogging

when you search what is operating system many results are shown by google search engine. If you open a website you will find some shares his knowledge on this topic. This is called blogging and this types of websites are called blog.

How to do blogging

As a beginner you can use blogger. It is a free platform of google for bloggers to host and publish their sites. Then you have to buy a domain name. Domain name means your blog website's identity like You can use blogger free domain Many people says that this free domain do not rank but it is a myth. If you are reading this article then it ranks because my blog is also on a sub-domain. After that you have to write 20 to 30 posts on your blog and create privacy and policy, contact us, about us, disclaimer pages on your blog. Then enable its SEO settings so that your blog website can rank in google search engine and you can get more visiters.

How to earn from blogging

When you get a sufficient visitors per day, you can sign up for google adsense the biggest ad network. If your website is approved by google then you can show ads of google and earn money. You can use other ad networks to show ads on your website and earning money.


It is the best way to earn money from the Internet. If you are professional in some category relating technology you can make a huge money from freelancing as a freelance.

What is freelancing

Freelancing means you work in your own company. There you are your own boss. On the freelancing platform many people comes with their jobs like article writing, data entry, web development, software development etc and freelancers do their works and charge money. Thus freelancers get money. This process is called freelancing.

How to start freelancing

If you know article writing, data entry, software or web development, photo and video editing then you can make money from freelancing. There are many freelancing websites like,,, etc. Sign up to this websites and make your profile and sell your services. Your minimum charge will be  $5. Now you are ready to do freelancing. If you are a professional web developer or software developer then you can charge upto $1000 for a project.

Social media 

Social media means youtube, facebook and instagram. If you can get famous in these social medias you can make money from that by sponcership

Make money from facebook

You have to create a facebook page or group. Then viral the page posts or group posts. If your page gets a huge amount of likes and followers or your group gets huge members then advertisers will offer you for sponcership and you get money.

Make money from youtube

Youtube is a good platform to show your talent to the world. Make a youtube channel and upload unique videos and get subscribers and views. Then apply for google adsense approval. If your channel approved by google you can show ads on your videos and make money.

These are some genuine methods to earn real money from online. If you can do some hard work you can really make a huge money guys.    

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