Input Device Examples- Keyboard, Mouse, Printers - Computer Literacy And Fundamental Be Digital

Input Device Examples- Keyboard, Mouse, Printers

Input Device-Computer fundamental course day 5

Welcome to computer fundamental course day 5. Here we will will discuss about the input devices, their example. Computer parts are divided into three parts. These are input device, output device and processing device.

What is Input Device

The name Input device tells us what is its definition. Which devices of a computer system are used to input data is called Input devices. Input devices take data from user and also give instruction to CPU. 

Example of Input Device

Keyboard and mouse are the main input device of a computer system. Besides it Touch screen, OMR, OCR, MICR, scanner, light pen are the example of input devices.  
Input Device Examples- Keyboard, Mouse, Printers
Keyboard- Input Device

Function of the Input Device

Input devices perform various functions.The function of input devices are-
  1. It takes the data and instruction form the user. 
  2. The Input devices make a communication among computer and user by sending instructions.
  3. Computers cannot read the human language. It only knows the binary numbers. So Input devices change our instructions into binary instructions so that the computer understands the instructions and perform the given task. 

Different Input devices in Computer System

We have already discussed what the Input device is. We use many input devices in computer. These are-


The main input device of a computer is keyboard. There is no computer without a keyboard. We can Input text and data or instructions by a keyboard. We can input text, numbers, and symbols from a keyboard. A keyboard has many types of keys. These are Alphabetic key(A-Z), Numerical key(0-9), Function key(F1-F12), Navigation key(Up, Down, Right, Left arrow keys), Special key(Ctrl, Shift, Alt, Enter, Tab, Insert, End, Home, Page up, Num Lock etc).


Mouse is the most important input device of computer system. We also call mouse as pointer device. Mouse stands for Mechanically Operated User Serial Engine. It looks like a rat so it is called mouse. A normal mouse has three buttons- Left, Middle, Right. There is a hard round rubber ball in the whole under the mouse. These mouses are mechanical mouse. We can use mouse moving, scrolling, and pressing its button. We use a mouse pad under a Mouse. Now we use advance mouse. There are two types of Mouse that we use. These are Optical Mouse and Remote or Cordless Mouse.  
Input Device Examples- Keyboard, Mouse, Printers
Mouse-Input Device

Optical Mousse has two buttons instead of three - left button and right button. In the middle of left and right button there is a scroll button which is like a while. We use left button for left click and right button for right click. Scroll button scroll a page. This use LED light instead of a rubber ball under the mouse. The light has a sensor to move the cursor. Optical mouse has cords in front of it. This cord is connected with the CPU of the computer system. 

Remote Mouse is called Cord-less Mouse also. This mouse works like a remote because it has not cords. It connected by the radio wave. People use these mouses more than optical mouse. 


Besides this Scanner that scan a document and input its content into a computer, Touch Screen that give instructions by touching, OMR (Optical Mark Reader) in exams, OCR (Optical Character Reader), Barcode Reader that read a barcode, Light pen, Microphone are the Input Devices.

Now tell me about other input devices in the comment box and I will publish your comments with your names in this post guys. So lets begin comment. 

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