Introduction Of Computer - Computer Literacy And Fundamental Be Digital

Introduction Of Computer

Introduction Of Computer

Introduction of computer will covers some topics like why we need for computer literacy, history of computers and advantages of computer. 

Literacy Of Computer
Need For Computer Literacy:

To begin with, you must understand the impact of computers in the world today. Computers influence our lives in one way or the other. Airline reservations, payment of telephone and electricity bills, banking, medical diagnoses, weather forecasts...., the list of services for which computer is used is endless. You would have probably noticed that some uses of computers have made your life easy. For example, you can book a train ticket in a few minutes of access information on any topic using the Internet. 

However, there is something about the computer that might make you fell a little uneasy. Perhaps, you feel computer is more intelligent than you and too difficult to use. You may be surprised to know that the computer cannot perform any task without your instruction. The computer cannot needs to be instructed on exactly what it has to do. 

What Is Computer?

Computer is a electronic device that can perform mathematical and Logical Operations both. It is the most short and accurate definition of computer. All though there is no fixed definition of computer. You can explain in various way. 

Please note the important points of computer:

1. The Chinese developed the first mathematical device that helped man in counting. It is called Abacus. 
2.Charles Babbage invented the first mechanical computer during the period 1830 to 1850. This can perform the basic arithmetic functions.

3. Charles Babbage is called the father of Computer.
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