Types of Network - Best Note (LAN, MAN,WAN) here - Computer Literacy And Fundamental Be Digital

Types of Network - Best Note (LAN, MAN,WAN) here

Types of Network-Best Note(LAN, MAN,WAN)

Network is a medium of communication though it is between humans or computers. Today our topic is types of network.

Types of Network

There are three types of computer networks. These are below:

  • LAN(Local Area Network)
  • MAN(Metropolitan Area Network)
  • WAN(Wide Area Network)

LAN Network

What is LAN

The full form of LAN network is Local Area Network. The small network which spans in a small area is called LAN network. The network Spans in a single room, office, bank, institute etc. Its maximum span is one kilometer. Data entry, data processing, e-mail sending are done by this network.
Types of Network - Best Note (LAN, MAN,WAN) here
LAN Network

Characteristics of LAN

There are some characteristics of LAN network. Those are-

  1. LAN network works in a very small place like a home, building, office, college, schools or banks.
  2. Normal people can be the owner of this network. 
  3. User can use all the connected computers of this network.
  4. User can use all media file, text file, programs of those connected computers of this network.
  5. In LAN network data cables transfers data.  
  6. LAN connected computers are connected with each others. 
  7. we can send data safely in LAN network. 
  8. LAN network is cheaper than other networks. 

Advantages of LAN Network

The advantages of LAN network are-

LAN network is cheap to establish. 
  1. You can setup a LAN network in your home, office, institute easily. 
  2. LAN network security is very well. 
  3. You can easily send or share the applications, programs, files from the server to any connected computer
  4. Multiple people can use a application or a document of a computer which is connected to LAN.

Disadvantages of LAN

There are also some disadvantages of LAN network. Those are-
LAN network spans in a very short area.
If you want to save some personal document which you don't that someone else read this you cannot do that.

MAN Network

What is MAN

MAN stands for Metropolitan Area Network. Which network spans in a big area like in a town or in block , is called MAN network. Some LAN networks form MAN network. So MAN network is bigger than LAN.

Characteristic of MAN

The characteristics of MAN are explained below.

  1. Many LAN networks make a MAN network.
  2. MAN network spans in a town or in a Area. 
  3. The minimum span of MAN network is 10 kilometer to 100 kilometer. 
  4. MAN can send text, picture, sound data.
  5. Router, telephone, microwave antenna are used in MAN network.

Types of Network - Best Note (LAN, MAN,WAN) here
MAN Network

Advantages of MAN

  1. This network can send data more far than a LAN network.
  2. Data can be sent easily in this network.
  3. MAN can send all types of data.

Disadvantages of MAN

There are also some disadvantages of this network. Those are-

  1. This network is more costly than LAN.
  2. It takes more time in sending data. 
  3. This network structure is harder than LAN.

WAN Network

What is WAN

 Which network is used to communicate or data transfer in all the computers of the world is called WAN network. The full name of WAN is World Area Network.

Characteristics of WAN

The characteristics of  WAN are-

  1. WAN networks spans in a country, state, or in the whole world. 
  2. The MAN networks can make a WAN network or this connect all computers
  3. Cables or satellite are the medium of WAN network. 
  4. WAN network data sending speed is 56 kbps to 1.50 mbps. 
  5. Government operates WAN networks. 

Types of Network - Best Note (LAN, MAN,WAN) here
Types of Network - Best Note (LAN, MAN,WAN) here

Advantages of WAN

  1. WAN can be span in whole the world. 
  2. The whole computers are connected with the WAN network. So we can easily send information or get information form anywhere. As a example internet. 
  3. We can communicate with anyone in the world for the WAN network. As a example we can do video chat from Facebook. So WAN connects facebook. 
  4. The companies are showing ads in the whole world by the network.

Disadvantages of WAN

  1. Virus is infected in computers by this network.
  2. This network is much costly. 
  3. The information that we get from this network may be wrong. 
  4. The speed of this network is less.

Tell me some other advantages or disadvantages of WAN network in the comment box with your names. I will publish your names with credits in this article.

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