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Google Blogger- description, create, theme, earning

Google blogger is a free hosting for blog websites where you can publish your blogs or articles and earn money online. Now most of people want to earn online from home. There is many ways to do it. But blogger or blogging is the best way among these for lime time long earning. Now what is google blogger, how to create blog and earn money are described below.

What is blogger

Blogger is a free hosting blog platform of google where you can publish your blog. Pyra Labs developed blogger 20 years ago on 23rd August , 1999. Google bought it from them in 2003. But then it not provide publishers to publish their blogs in their hosting servers. Letter google integrated Pisaca and its photo sharing utility Hello so that publishers can publish their photos. After 2010 google give opportunity to publishers to publish their blogs in their server by blogger with FTP.

Google Blogger- description, create, theme, earning
Google Blogger- description, create, theme, earning 

Features of blogger

As it is a product of google it provides many features to their publishers. If you are new in blogging journey blogger is the best choice for you. It provides a free hosting account where you can publish more than 100 blog websites with out any issue in server. If you purchase a hosting you cannot get this cool feature. Blogger also provides a free domain name for your website with a sub domain If you have money you can link a custom domain with this. It provides you a easy user interface. If you are not a programmer , you can create a attracting blog website. You can add custom themes. In blogger you can easily publish adsense ads .


Google blogger has some quit disadvantages also. Like wordpress here is not available well themes and SEO friendly plugins. This can affect on SEO. This problem have also solution. You can signup in a free hosting site like Here you can build limited sites. So built a site for a draft purpose. Install wordpress here. Now install seo plugins and write a seo friendly article on it. Now copy the article or html code and paste it on blogger post. This is how you can use wordpress feature in blogger. The best seo plugin you can use is Yoast and mathrank.

There are many user friendly and seo friendly theme available on websites free or paid. Download a theme from them and upload on your blog. To upload a custom theme in blogger click on theme option and click on upload theme and upload your theme. After uploading go to lay out option and customize your theme.

How to create blog in Google blogger

To create a fully attractive blog website in blogger, you have to follow the steps. At first, go to '' or search in google 'blogger' and click on the first link and go to blogger. Then sign up with your e-mail id clicking on the sigh up button. After that you will be redirected to your blogger dashboard. Now click on new blog. Enter you blog title on the title box and choose a domain name and choose a theme. Now click on create. Thus you have created your site. Watch the following video.

How to publish articles

Now your blog is ready but is remain empty until you publish articles on it. To publish article click on the posts option from left of your blogger dashboard. Now click on new post. A user interface of posting article will be appeared. Now write your article title on the title text box. Below write the article with proper headings and tags. Like ms word, notepad there is some tabs or command groups like heading , links, font etc. Now in the right side enter your article label, meta description, permalink and click on post.

Google Blogger- description, create, theme, earning
Google Blogger- description, create, theme, earning 

Earn Money on Google blogger

After publishing some numbers of article and proper SEO, visitors will come to your website. Now you can apply for google adsense to serve their ads on your blog. If you have blogspot sub domain, you have to go to the earning tab and there you will show the sign up button if you are eligible for adsense. When you have a custom domain name you can apply for ads from their website. If adsense do not give approval you can earn from alternatives ad networks like popads, propeller ads, admaven etc. You can share your blog link in social media for getting traffic.

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