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Private browsing with Google chrome

Private browsing with Google chrome

Chrome has a feature that you can do private browsing with Google chrome. But vpn using and private browsing is not same. Lets know what is private browsing.

How private browsing works in google chrome

Chrome provides incognito window for private browsing. But if you think that when you are browsing, no one can see your data, and you can serve all websites, then then your think is totally wrong. Private browsing means when you are browsing privately, Chrome will not save your browsing data, cookies, website permission. So when other persons will open your browser, they will not show your browsing history or browsing data. But the website you visit, your network service provider, search engines, wifi network providers can see your browsing activity.

How to do private browsing with Google chrome

To do private browsing, Google chrome has incognito window. To open incognito window follow the steps-

1.At first open google chrome.
2.Click on the : top right side of the window like the image.

Private browsing with Google chrome on New incognito window.

Private browsing with Google chrome

How to open incognito window with keyboard

  • Open Google chrome.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+N

After that your incognito window mode will open and you can do private browsing.

How to stop private browsing

When you are doing private browsing using incognito mode, the incognito window will open as a other window. That means to stop private browsing simply click on the 'X' sign of the window. Same process will apply in MAC operating system also.

What happen when you browse privately

When you browse privately Google chrome don't save your browsing data, cookies, browsing history.

But your download files can be shown in the download history.

The service providers, websites you visit, search engine can show your activity and your IP address.

Advantages of private browsing

There are some advantages of private browsing. Websites or social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube show you adds based on saved cookies that tells your browsing activity. So when you use private browsing then cannot use your data on you. Also you can log in in several accounts on the same site at the same time.

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