Computer fundamental course - Day 1 definition, characteristic - Computer Literacy And Fundamental Be Digital

Computer fundamental course - Day 1 definition, characteristic

Computer fundamental course - Day 1 definition, characteristic

What is computer

The smallest definition of computer is " computer is a electronic device that can do arithmetical and logical operations.

Or you can say Computer is an Electronic Device that processes user input data and provides result or output as result. It has the ability to store, recover and process data. You can use the computer to type documents, send emails, play games, and browse the internet. You can also use it to create spreadsheets, presentations, and even videos.

Characteristics of Computer 

Computer fundamental course - Day 1 definition, characteristic


Computer can do anything very fast. In second, computer can perform a lot of actions like multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, if you have to find a value of 11524*7546, you will take 1 or 2 Minute and take about 1 or 2 second when you do the same thing with the calculator, but the computer will take millions of such calculations in a matter of seconds.


We use a variety of automatic machines in our daily life. Computer also does its entire work in an automatic manner.


Computer does all its work without any mistake if you are asked to multiply 10 different numbers, you will make a mistake several times. But generally, Computer can complete any process without any mistake. The biggest reason for computer making mistakes is incorrect Data Input by the user because the Computer itself never makes any mistakes.


Computer has been started to be used in every field. Such as Bank, Railway, Airport, Business, School etc.

5.High Storage Capacity

The ability to store data in a Computer System is very high. It can store all types of Data, Picture, Files, Program, Games and Sound. We can use the data when we need.


Human beings become tired of doing something continuously for a few hours. Computer has the ability to do something continuously for several hours, days. Computer performs any given work without any discrimination whether it is interesting or not.


Computer's Memory is more powerful than human beings. It is not tired of working for years and Store Memory remains accurate even after years.

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