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Youtube SEO Tips for Begginers Rank on Google Page

Youtube SEO Tips for Begginers Rank on Google Page
Youtube SEO Tips for Begginers Rank on Google Page

YouTube seo is most important for YouTubers because your videos can rant in google and get most clicks and views by this. You all know that YouTube is the second most popular method of online earning and today. Almost millions of people upload videos on YouTube and do their earning online from those videos but when you start there is not much views on your videos because all the popular YouTuber's videos are shown on the top.

This is because according to YouTube's Algorithm, videos which have more watch time show them on the top. Popular YouTuber's videos have more watch times and views than beginner YouTubers. So their videos show in results.

Now in such a situation, if you are not able to get more views on the videos of all the new YouTubers, if you are also facing this kind of problem, let us tell you that YouTube is the second popular search engine and the first Google Search Engine which means YouTube more Searches are done on Google.

So if you bring your video to the top in Google's search result, then the views on your videos also increase.

To bring YouTube videos to Google Search, you have to focus on some important points so that your videos can show in Google's search results-

Make video on most searching keywords

First of all, you have to understand that if you create a video on a topic that not have searches, then you will not get any benefit in your video search, so you always have to keep in mind that your videos are on searchable keywords.

For example If we talk about tech category, then how to create a blog on Blogger is the most popular video that almost all tech YouTubers create, but most of the people in the tutorials give titles Part I, Part II, Part III. Due to which, even after that video is important, it does not show in the search results, so you clear the topic thoroughly and only make a video on that topic.

Search Keywords For YouTube SEO

When you have to show a video on Google, first you have to see which most searched keywords on that topic on Google and which word have most searches.

Write a title on focused keywords

The title of the video is the most important. Now in such a situation, if you create your video in Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Punjabi etc, make sure to pay attention to it in your title. With this, you can increase the importance of your video by placing the most searching keywords at the beginning of your title.

For example: How to, Best, Tips, Way etc. Such words are more used to search for a topic in Google, so you should consider such words in the starting of your video, so that Google can easily show it the first number.

Write SEO friendly meta description

When you upload a video on YouTube, you have to write a meta description about your video.

To rank a video on Google, you have to write a description of more than 160 words. But to get to the top, your description should have at least 3 paragraphs, in which the first paragraph should be more than 160 words and that paragraph should have target your keyword at least 2 times.

Now in the second paragraph also, you should write your targeted keyword once so that your keyword density is neither correct nor high nor low for YouTube seo.

Give suitable tags

We use tags to rank YouTube videos and if you want to show your videos on the top in Google's search results, then you have to write the correct tags with your video.

For Example you can write your tags with Popular Word and Searchable keywords along with writing your Target Keyword.

Note: Do not use the wrong tags in your video at all because YouTube can also give you Strike.

Video File Name

When you create a video, there is also a file name for that video which you have to replace with your title or keyword. Your Video will show Clear Information.

For example video file Name is mostly is like 00455sdfs, you will have to rename it with your Keyword or Title and then only upload that video to your YouTube Channel. This will help in your YouTube seo.

07- Thumbnail

Thumbnail is very important on YouTube because by watching your thumbnail. It decides whether it should watch your video or not and thumbnail of video also shows in Google Search Results, so you should take care of some important things of your Thumbnail .

For example images shared by you should be clear so that you understand which topic it is on. Your words should be very clear, do not keep them as stylish as possible, use words of simple style so that people will get your thumbnail well.

By focusing on all these things, you will not be able to bring your videos to Google Search Result.

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