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Computer virus definition, example, symptoms and protection

Computer virus definition, example, symptoms and protection

If you are using computer than you protecting your computer from computer virus. Now what is computer virus, how to it effect on your computer and it's example and effects.

Computer Virus definition

Computer virus is a type of malicious software which can replicates himself by modify other computer programs and inserting its own code.

Virus enters to your computer from external source and copy itself to computer memory. Thus it deletes the data and effect on the system of the infected computer system.

If a pc system has virus, it can also work as virus. As an example, your friends pc have virus and you connect your pendrive with his pc. The viruses also enter to your pendrive. When you connect it with your computer, your pc will also be virus effected.

VIRUS full form

The VIRUS stands for Vital Information Resources Under Seize. That means your important informations are seized.

In the same way when a virus infect your pc it seize your important information from the memory.

Fred Cohen introduce the term "computer virus" in 1985 who was a misnomer.

The first virus of the world was Creeper. In 1990 the first virus of India was "Happy Birthday Joshi".

But this virus did not effect on the personal computers. Elk Cloner is the first virus that effect on the personal computers.

Why computer virus is dangerous

Yes, virus for your pc are dangerous. Virus can enter to your system and change the booting path. So the operating system cannot boot.

Virus can notice on your activity. So it can stole your information like it can take the debit card number when you are paying online.

virus can overload you computer memory and full the hard disk storage.

How virus spread

Virus spread in many ways. If you install some software or program from other external disk and the disk is effect by virus, then it spread on your pc.

Virus can enter to your pc when you download some file from internet and e-mail.

If a computer has virus and it is connected with a network then it will enter in all the same network computers.

Many users use pirated softwares. This pirated softwares can have virus.

Virus can enter when you visit unsecure websites.

Types of computer virus

There are generally five types of virus. These are

Boot Virus

This types of virus effect on the hard disk and floppy disk sector and delete the master boot program. As a result the system cannot start.

Friday 13, CIH, Stone Virus, Disk Killer are the example of boot virus.

File or Program Virus

This virus effect on the system files software files like .exe, .com, .sys etc. Example of program virus are Cascade, Sunday, Acid Rain, Trojon etc.

FAT Virus

This virus infects the File Allocation Table(FAT) and delete the all data or full directory files. Link Virus is a FAT Virus.

Resident Virus

This virus infect the RAM and reside there. Thus it overload the memory, corrupt the files and create disturbness in system operations. As a result we cannot open, close, copy, paste, delete, rename files quickly.

CMJ, Randex, MrkLunky are the examples of Resident virus.

Macro Virus

This virus the applications or programs where is macro. This virus corrupt the macro files.

Y2K, Relax, W97M, DVM are macro virus.

Tell me Elk Cloner is which types of virus?

computer virus symptoms

You can be known that your computer is infected or not by some symptoms. These symptoms are

  • Virus can reduce your system speed or processing speed.
  • If you computer hang every time.
  • If your computer is taking more time in booting then your computer is infected.
  • The softwares file sizes are increasing.
  • The data of files are vanishing without any reason.
  • Your computer system is restarting automatically. Well I also faced the problem and had to change the hard disk.
  • Showing pop-ups in the screen without internet.
  • Date and time change automatically.
  • Take more time to save file, copy, paste, print file.
  • Increase disk space automatically.
  • Creating files and folder automatically.
  • Deleting BIOS program automatically.

If you are showing this problems to your computer then make sure that your computer is infected.

How to protect computer from virus

The best way to protect computer is installing a powerful antivirus in your computer. Antivirus will save your computer from malwares. The best antivirus are Quick Heal, Norton. Avast antivirus is a free antivirus.

To save your computer don't install any softwares or program from external disk. If this is necessary, scan the disk at first and then use it.

Always update your computer's softwares and antivirus. Always scan the computer hard dask.

Don't visit no secure websites or don's download any files from this types of websites.

Always scan before downloading any file from e-mail or google drive.

Try not to download and use pirated softwares.

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The term virus is also commonly used to refer to other types of malware. Viruses often perform some types of harmful activity on infected host computers such as acquisition of hard-disk space or CPU time, accessing private information, corrupting data, display political or humorous massage on the user screen etc.

Computer virus can hide them but all virus don't do it. The define characteristic of virus is that they are self reflecting computer programs which modify other software.

The most of virus target the most used operating system Microsoft windows because it have most users. So if you are using different operating system like MAC, LINUX you are safe.

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