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5 Softwares that boost your computer speed-100% GARANTED

5 Softwares that boost your computer speed-100% GARANTED

Hello If you have a low price computer or your RAM and processor is not powerful then this article is for you. When computers are getting old day by day the memory also getting slower.

As a result the computer hangs a lot. Then we think about how to make faster our computer.

Well in this article I will tell you about the 5 softwares that will make your computer very fast and increase computer speed that you cannot imagine by reducing the RAM usage.

Wise Memory Optimizer:

This it a very useful software that will help you to make you old computer faster. This software has become more useful after the Memory R connect with it. It is only 2 MB size software and I am giving the link below.

The Wise Memory Optimizer has a easy user interface that helps its users to understand its functions. It shows how much RAM you have used. It has a optimise button and when you click on this button it optimize the RAM by clearing the memory.

You can also enable its auto optimise function that will optimise the computer memory after a fix time automatically.

5 Softwares that boost your computer speed-100% GARANTED

RAM Rush:

RAM Rush is also a simple and useful software. It can optimise the Windows PC by removing the system physical RAM. It uses a very intelligent way to manage the physical RAM and helps to increase the performance of RAM.

This will help you manage your system crash, memory leak and your computer more efficiently. RAM Rush uses only 2 MB memory. The link is in the description.

5 Softwares that boost your computer speed-100% GARANTED

Rizonesoft Memory Booster

Rizonesoft Memory Booster is the another software which helps to optimise the system. This software also known as Datum Memory Booster. Rizonesoft Memory Booster don't use any memory optimization engine. It does not force any memory to remove from your RAM.

It just create a secure Windows API call that will help Windows to clear all memory. This is how it makes your computer faster. Remember that method will not release a large amount of RAM, but will instead improve the the system and speed of your computer. It's portable and easy to use.

This software is better. The link is given below.

5 Softwares that boost your computer speed-100% GARANTED


CleanMem is an advanced memory optimizer. It is easy to use. This software can optimize your memory automatically after a fix time.

CleanMem will not speed up your system. It clears the various junk files in the hard drive that slow down your computer. This is very useful to control applications that consume a lot of memory (such as Firefox).

Its monitor system is very good because it can automatically optimize memory after the memory usage goes after a certain stage. So CleanMem is an effective software for clearing system memory perfectly.

5 Softwares that boost your computer speed-100% GARANTED

Minimem :

Whenever computer memory is high, overall system performance can slow. Minimem is an optimization software that allows you to increase your system speed by reducing the memory usage of large and heavy application softwares.

Minimem works in the system tray. When you launch this software you will find a 'Settings' window where a list of running processes shows the amount of memory you are using. The interface is user friendly. This software display all active and optimized processes in two different panels.

Minimem is an excellent application software that can improve system speed. It makes it easy for you to run multiple applications at once, without affecting the functionality of the computer.
5 Softwares that boost your computer speed-100% GARANTED

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When a computer or laptop becomes old the user search on google "how to make an old computer faster". This article is for them with a satisfy answer. here are 5 system optimise software that will help to make faster your computer.

You can download the softwares from the given link. All softwares are user friendly so all are easy to use.

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