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What is IP Address and related FAQS

What is IP Address and related FAQS

Every internet users have IP address. IP stands for Internet Protocol. As every mobile users have a unic mobile number to identify ,IP is also unic internet users to users. So as a definition an IP is a unic address which is used to identify a device on the internet.

An IP has two parts. These are

  • NetID
  • HostID

NetID means network address and HostID means host address. IP is written in decimal numbers. As a example This is a IP . Here the 192.133.50 is NetID or Network address and .02 is HostID or hosting address.

The network address refers to the segment of a network where the computer is connected. The host address refers to the particular computer of the network segment.

IP versions are two types IPv4 and IPv6.

What is IPv4 address

IPv4 is Internet Protocol version 4. IPv4 is the old versions of internet protocol. It has 32bit address space which contains 4 billion users address.

What is IPv6 address

IPv6 is Internet Protocol Version 6. It is new version. It can provide over trillion IP IPv6 is providing the needs of the all internet users.

How IP address change

Yes you can change your IP . Now nothing is safe in internet. Remember that the network providers are tracking you by your IP. So if you want to browse something privately you have to change the IP address.

You can change your IP using VPN. VPN is like a proxy which hide your original IP and provide you a IP of another country you choose for.

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To change IP address follow the steps--

  • At first check your IP in google and note it.
  • Download a VPN in your mobile or pc.
  • After installing open the VPN.
  • Select a specific country and connect with the network.
  • Now check the IP in google. The IP will change.

Check what is my IP address location

IP address can track your location and says your location. To check what is my IP location simply open google and search "What is my IP ocation". Here you can see the first site 
'whatismyipaddress.com". Open the site. Here you can see your IP and your IP location. 

what are private IP address

The devices of a same network use private IP to connect with other devices of the network. The devices of the same network can sent data, informations to another computer of the network by private IP.

what are public IP address

The unic IP which all device use to connect with the global networks is the public IP address. Using this we can share any data and information with all devices of all global networks. The internet service providers (ISP) provide public IP .

Who is IP address owner or WHOIS IP lookup

Suppose you have a blog and someone from your haters is spamming to your blog. But you became know his IP address. Using this IP you can find the guy and his location and you can take steps against him. But the question is how?

Only the ISPs can say you his information by IP. But they will not do that according their terms and condition.

Well you can do that using WHOIS IP tools. Go to google and search "WHOIS IP". Open the first website and type his IP and click on "Go".

What is IP Address and related FAQS

What is VPN IP address

VPN is Virtual Private Network. It is a virtual network where you can easily connect your device and browse the web or network privately. VPN IP address is when you connect with a VPN server it hides your IP . This also provide the server IP. Thus VPN can change your country location to a specific location and hide your browsing.

To browse more securely you can use chrome incognito mode with VPN.

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What is IP address and domain name

Domain name system or DNS is a powerful technology of internet which converts a domain name in a IP. Actually it is a database system where the domain name and the all data of its IP is saved. It make a connection among a IP and domains or website. 

Everyday when we open a website the DNS help us to show the websites which we like. 

Every website have domain name and IP address. We can remember the domain name very easily unlike IP is hard to remember. So, domain name help us in this way. 

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