What is operating system-computer fundamental course day 12 - Computer Literacy And Fundamental Be Digital

What is operating system-computer fundamental course day 12

What is operating system-computer fundamental course day 12

You hear the word operating system. Do you know what is operating system and their needs.

What is operating system

The word 'operating system' is means who is operating the computer system. Yes, Operating system is a system software which operate the computer system. It means the operating system connect all the pc components with each other and operate the system. With out a operating system a computer is nothing. Without a operating system you cannot process any data in the computer and don't get result.

Definition of operating system

A operating system is the main system software which manages and communicate with hardware and provide software resources to run.

Like a example when you power on the CPU and the windows load, it make connection among the keyboard, mouse and monitor. So if some reason your operating system stop working, you can notice your keyboard and mouse will not work.

When you buy a new laptop or assemble a new desktop, shopkeeper ask you what operating system you want. Operating systems are paid or free.

Example of operating system

There are many operating system. The most used operating systems are Windows, iOS, MAC, Linux, Android. We will explain about the operating systems latter.

Types of operating system

Operating system is divided in five types. These are

  1. Single User
  2. Multi User
  3. Multi programming operating system
  4. Multi Processing operating system
  5. Time sharing operating system

Single User operating system

This types of operating system allows a user to do a thing in one time. Example of single user operating system is MSDOS(Microsoft disk operating system).

Multi User operating system

In this types of operating system a user can do multiple things in same time. In this types of operating system, we can send data, printer and application software from one computer to another computer.

UNIX and LINUX are the example of multi user.

Multi programming operating system

`This types of operating system is managed concurrently by placing multiple programs in memory at a specific location. The multi programming operating system performs multiple task at the same time. So this operating is called multi tasking operating system.

In this operating system, a program called Monitor manages all computer programs and occupies a specific space in memory. The function of the Monitor program is to notice when a program will use a device. Mainframe computer uses this operating system.

Example of Multi Programming operating system are UNIX, LINUX, IBM/VM etc.

Multi Processing operating System

This types of operating system is operated by two or more central processing units or CPU. One of the big advantages of this operating system is that there are multiple processors used. When one processor damaged, the work is not completely stopped instead of it, the speed of the CPU slows down. The spacecraft, power plants, manufacturing factory use this Multi Processing Operating System. 

Time Sharing operating system

In time sharing operating system, multiple users work on the main computer by using terminal. Terminal is a machine which only use monitor and keyboard. There is no CPU. The processor of the original computer periodically performs the work of each computer at a given time. This types of operating system divides the processing time into several programs or users.

What is CUI operating system

In this types of operating system, the user give instruction to the computer by typing commands from keyboard. Example of CUI operating system is MSDOS.

What is GUI operating system

This operating system provides the users a user friendly interface where user can use mouse and keyboard. Windows and MAC are the example of GUI operating operating system.

Functions of operating system

The functions of operating systems are

  • To make a connection between the user and the computer.
  • It controls the input and output devices.
  • It shows error if there are some problems in the hardware or software.
  • It operates the computer memory.
  • It combines different information and data.


MSDOS is the oldest operating system. The full name of MSDOS is Microsoft Disk Operating System. MSDOS operating system was developed by machine language, which connect application software and hardware to each other.

The characteristic of MSDOS operating system is

  • MSDOS has some own commands. The user use this commands for giving instructions.
  • MSDOS is a command or character user interface operating system.
  • It has a prompt. The user type commands in this prompt for working.
  • MSDOS has a utility program. It can use this programs when needed.
  • MSDOS is a single user operating system.


Windows is the most used operating system in the world. Maximum computers run in windows operating system. The Microsoft company introduced Windows in 20th November, 1985. It is a GUI operating system. The first windows operating system was Windows1.0 which came with calculator, calendar, notepad, paint, clock, control panel etc.

The version of windows are follows

  • Windows 1.0
  • Windows 2.0
  • Windows2.1
  • Windows 3.X
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows NT
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

What is operating system-computer fundamental course day 12


Android is a mobile operating system which works specially for touch screen based mobiles. Now android is a product of Google. Android is written in JAVA, C and C++. Android was released in 23rd september, 2008. It is a GUI operating system.

The versions of Android are

  • Android Cupcake
  • Android Donut
  • Android Eclair
  • Android Froyo
  • Android Gingerbread
  • Android Honeycomb
  • Android Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Android Jelly Bean
  • Android Kitkat
  • Android Lollipop
  • Android Marshmallow
  • Android Nougat
  • Android Oreo
  • Android Pie
What is operating system-computer fundamental course day 12

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