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How to make a file in your Windows computer

How to make a file in your Windows computer

How to make a file in your Windows computer: If you go somewhere to learn a computer, then firstly you are taught how to create a file. Today we will learn how to create a file in a windows computer. This method is workable for windows computers.

To create a file in your computer, first you have to start the computer. If your computer has windows operating system, then you can create files in this way.

To create a file, right click on the home screen in your computer. Then move the mouse to new. Then click in the folder. Now your file is ready.

Now you have to give the name of your file. For this, right click in that file and then click in rename. Type in the name you want to keep and press Enter. Just got your file ready.

Why do we create files

There is no computer that does not have any files or folders. We create a file in our computer to save some document and keep it. Document safe inside our file. We can open our files, read those documents or work with them.

The advantage of ordering files is that we can save different types of documents such as video image games and save them in different files. What will happen is that we can find a file very soon.

Our files can lock this folder after seeing the password. No one outside of this can open our folder. This keeps our data safe.

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So we told you how to create a file in a Windows computer. If you are a computer student and want to know about computer or are doing a computer course or you have interest in technology, then you should save our block. If you have an article, then comment.

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