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Use Ubersuggest Update Version in Free- 100% working trick

Use Ubersuggest Update Version in Free- 100% working trick

Use Ubersuggest in free: Nowadays like ahrefs and other keyword research tools Neil Patel's Ubersuggest is very popular tool. It is also free to use before Feb,2020. But now some important features of this tools are paid. You have to upgrade this features by paying. So in this article I will share a trick to use Ubersuggest in free.

What is Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a SEO keyword research tool that provides a lot of advance SEO benefits. It was a free tool before coming its update version. But now some advance features of this tool are paid. You have to pay to use its advance features.

What features are free now

Some limited features are now free of this tools. You do keyword research and find this search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty and cpc. Also You can get also some related keywords with cpc and difficulty. You can get the backlinks and domain score of the websites which are ranking in the first page of the keyword.

You can know also a website data like its total organic keywords, search traffic, social shares, keyword etc.

What features are not free now

Now you cannot research on the search growth of a keyword and traffic growth of a website. You cannot also find related keywords of a keyword more than ten.

Before that Ubersuggest give you a scope to audit your website seo and your competitor seo. And also give instructions to improve this seo. But now this feature is not free.

But with this trick you can use Ubersuggest free premium features.

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How to use ubersuggest free its update versions

Online tools collects data from its use through its cookies. If you are login a website it sends cookies to your browser and save it. So if you save its update version cookies you can access all its features.
  1. Download Cookies
    To save the cookies you have to download the premium cookies that ubersuggest sends when someone login into it. So download the cookies from the below download button. Remember this cookies works for few days.
  2. Install EditThisCookies extension
    Now install EditThisCookies chrome extension from the chrome web store. Now download the extension and install it in your chrome browser. This extension helps to edit cookies.
  3. Enter downloaded cookies After that open the cookies.txt file and copy all the text. Now click on the extension and click on the import button. Then paste the copied text and save it.
  4. Reload the website
    After that reload the website. Remember never logout from this tool after following this processes. Unless you cannot login letter.

 Steps in picture

Install EditThisCookies extension

Enter downloaded cookies

Use Ubersuggest Update Version in Free- 100% working trick

Reload the website

Use Ubersuggest Update Version in Free- 100% working trick

Use Ubersuggest Update Version in Free- 100% working trick


This article don't provide any illegal activity with other websites. If you have any protest against the article contact me from the contact us page. 


Though ubersuggest is not free not but you can also use its some features for free. If you want to use Ubersuggest free in 2020 you can follow this steps. But remember that cookies always changes. So this cookies will not work after some days. If that please tell me in the comment box. So use ubersuggest free in 2020.


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