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What is Website, Example and FAQs Computerwiki

What is Website, Example and FAQs Computerwiki
What is website

What is website: Website is a web software where some web pages are stored and we can access them with browser. Websites are the most important element in internet. A normal internet user visits almost 20 websites in a day. And bloggers and developers like us visit more than 50 different websites in a day.

Websites are the new media of the digital age. We can get knowledge and complete our task by specific websites. Like we can get information from wikipedia type sites. There are many tool websites also. These tool websites help us to do a special task. Like calculator.com help us to do various types of calculation. Canva.com help us to design posters, logo and thumbnails. Let's know what is website in detail.

What is website example

There are a lot of websites in internet. There are more than 2 billion websites in public. The famous websites examples are:

Wikipedia: Wikipedia is one of the famous website. In almost every keywords the wikipedia website ranks. It is a information type website. You can also write articles in wikipedia.

Youtube.com: Youtube is the most popular website in the world. It is a product of google. Every people who are internet user use the YouTube everyday.

Google.com: Yes, google is a website. Google is a search engine type website which helps user to give result of web pages according the user searches.

Facebook.com: Everyone know the facebook.com . Yes facebook is a website. It is a social media type website.

Types of websites

Websites may be various types, you see before. This depends on the website function and structure. We can divide websites according to structure and function.
Structure wise websites are two types static website and dynamic websites.

What is static website: Static websites are mainly tool base websites. This websites have only one or two web pages. Static means it never change. Developers make this sites and leave this site. Like currency-calculator.computerwiki.online, agecalculator.com etc.

What is dynamic website: Dynamic means it always changes. This types of websites are mainly blogs, social media, news websites. The owner changes the content of this types of sites. Like our website, we publish new article everyday. Thus it keeps changing. So our website is dynamic site.

Types of websites according to functions

What is Website, Example and FAQs Computerwiki
Types of websites

You can also divide a website according to its function. There are many websites of many categories. These categories are :

  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter.com
  • Search Engine
  • Wiki sites
  • Tools
  • School, instution sites
  • Business sites
  • E commerce sites like amazon
  • Dating sites
  • Downloading sites
  • Blog sites
  • Forums
  • Publishers
  • Video sites

Social media

This types of websites run by big companies and there is many man power behind this sites. Through social media websites you can connected with the society in online. You can share photos, post, do video call etc. Facebook, instagram, Twitter are the social media websites.

Search engine

Search engines are also a type of websites. This sites search through the web for a specific result according to the user query. Google.com, bing.com, Yahoo.com, duckduckgo.com are the search engine websites.

Read more about search engine and browser

Wiki sites

This sites are a dictionary of informations. Here you can find all information. Like wikipedia are a wiki website.


This site are created by one developer. A developer can make this types of websites. This sites are made for a specific task. Like calculator.com is for al types of calculator, smallseotool.com is for seo audit, ubersuggest is for keyword research, canva.com is for picture edit and thumbnail design. The number of tool websites is lower than other sites.

School and institution sites

This sites are for a school, college or institution. There are the information about the school, institution in this sites. This sites are also for get admission in schools and colleges.

Business sites

This websites are for specific business. All the companies and business should have a business site.

E-commerce sites

A huge number of developers maintain this types of websites. E-comerce site means the online shopping site. The most famous e-commerce sites are amazon.com, Alibaba.com, Ebay.com etc. You can buy anything from this sites online and also can payment online. Comment what is your favourite e-commerce website.

Dating sites

Here you can meet new stranger people and date with them. There are many dating sites in online.

Downloading sites

Downloading sites are various types. Like song downloading, movie downloading, software and apk downloading etc. Many downloading sites are illegal also. There are also wallpaper downloading, ringtone downloading sites.

Blog sites

This types of sites are run by one people. Even a people can be the owner of 30 blog sites. In blog sites the author shares about some information that he knows. Like in my blog I share information about computer and technology. Blog sites are a good source of online income. Tell me what is your favorite website in the comment box.

Forum sites

These sites are one page site where people share their opinions about some specific topic. Simply search on google forum site and you will get forum sites list.

Publishers or news sites

Big news sites are in this category. A big news company or even a single people can be the owner of this types of sites. The famous news sites are Indiatimestoday, BBC news, janasatta.com etc.

Video sharing sites

Who don't use the big video sharing site youtube.com. You can share and watch video in video sharing sites. Now YouTube is the biggest video sharing site. Dailymotion.com is also a famous video website.

How to visit websites

To visit a website we need a browser. Browser means which browse. Browser is a application software which helps us to browse websites and webpages. To visit a web page follow the steps.
  1. Install Browser
    Install a browser in your computer and phone. Every phones and computer have default browser like chrome. Open the browser.
  2. Enter URL
    After that enter the url in the search box and click on go. Browser will visit the page.

How to make websites

Who makes websites, they are web developer. If you want to make a website you have to be a web developer or you you have to hire a web developer. Now you can make amazing websites with the help of WordPress and Blogger. To make a website or webpage you have to learn HTML, CSS, PHP, and javascript. If you learn this computer languages you can make a website easily.

To be a web developer you must be aware about some website related term.

What is domain name and url

Domain name is the specific name of a website. Like computerwiki.online is a domain name. You can separate a website from another by domain name.

People always confused between domain name and URL. Remember domain name is a name of a website but Url is the address. Both are not same. Computerwiki.online is a domain name and https//www.computerwiki.online is a url. It indicated my site address. You can visit my site entering this url.


When you save a file in your computer it saves in hard drive. It is a storage. Where your website data is saved in called hosting. Actually hosting is a storage, that people can access through the internet.

Easy way to make website

Now if you want to make a blog website, where you want to share some knowledge, movie downloading site or image website you don't need to learn hard coding at all. You can easily make this types of website by blogger and wordpress. The both platform are best. You can earn money from this types of sites.

If you already have a website comment your site url guys.

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What is the mean of website?
Website is a collection of web pages. Like computerwiki.online is a website which is a collection of web pages like computerwiki.online/tamilrockers, computerwiki.online/what-is-mail-merge.

What is the use of website?
The website tools helps people in many specific work. Like web calculators helps to calculate, seo tools helps in seo, keyword research tools helps in keyword research. Websites also helpful in social connectivity. Like you can be connected with people by social media and gmail. You can get information and knowledge as well as also share your knowledge by websites.

What are the types of website?
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter.com
Search Engine
Wiki sites
School, instution sites
Business sites
E commerce sites like amazon
Dating sites
Downloading sites
Blog sites
Video sites

What is the role of a website?
A website plays a greater role in social, business, daily life and knowledge gain.

Is Facebook a website?
Yes Facebook is a website. The name of facebook website is facebook.com. It is a social media website where you can be connected with people and share photos, videos and stories. You can also follow the famous star people on facebook.

Is Netflix a dynamic website?
Yes Netflix is a dynamic website. Dynamic website means where the content of the website changes regularly. Regularly Netflix upload new webseries and developers are developing this site in regular basis.

Is Facebook a static website?
No Facebook is a dynamic website. Because developers changing facebook everyday and the pages of facebook are changing day by day. So it is not a static website.


People should know what is website. This is the technology world, so you should aware about the what is a website. In this article I clearly discussed about that. If you have some query about this topic you can comment below.

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