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30+ Excel Functions You Should Know in 2020

30+ Excel Functions You Should Know

Excel functions are some prewritten formula that helps to perform many queries. In this article I will tell you the most important excel formulas that will help you to become a pro excel user.

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Do you know what is the full form of ms excel?

The fullform of MS Excel is Microsoft Excel .This is the most popular spreadsheet software. The Microsoft corporation added this software in 1995 with Microsoft Corporation Office 95 package. It was some general knowledge about excel.

The excel functions are different types. These can be Financial, Date and Time, Math and Trig, Statistical, Text, Database, Logical, Engineering.

But here I will discuss about the most important excel formulas.

Excel Functions

SUM Function

We can find the sum of the numbers of the a column or row. This is a Mathematical function.

Syntax: SUM(number1, number2,...)

Example: =SUM(4,5,6) or =SUM(A1:A7)

Product Function

This helps to find the product or multiplication of the numbers in the cells of same column or raw. This is also a mathematical function.

Syntax: PRODUCT(number1,number2,....)

Example: =PRODUCT(A2:A5) . This means product all the numbers of the A2 to A5 cells. =PRODUCT(A2:A5,2). This means multiply 2 with all the numbers of the A2 to A5 cell.

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Average Function

This is used to find the Average. People always think that this is a mathematical function. But this is not true. This is a statical function.

Syntax: Average(number1, number2, ....)

Example: AVERAGE(A2:A5) This will show the average of all the numbers in A2 to A5 cell.

Max Function

This finds the maximum or largest number among a cell range or column range.

Syntax: MIN(number1, number2, ....)

Example: MAX(A2:A6)

Min Function

This finds the minimum or smallest number in the cell range or column range.

Syntax: MIN(number1, number2, ...)

Example: MIN(A2:A5)

Round function

Using this function all the numbers can be expressed in double digits after the decimal point. If there is the number 1.49756 you can convert it in 1.50 by this function.

Syntax: Round(number,num_digits)

Example: =ROUND(21.365,2)

Count Function

Show how many numbers are present in the text numbers of any raw and column in the worksheet. This is a statical function.

Syntax : Count(Value1, Value2, .....)

Example: COUNT(A2:A6)


This function displays how many times a particular data is present in a data range. This is a statical function also.

Syntax: COUNTIF(Range, Criteria)

Example: COUNTIF(A1:A4, "CD")

The above example will show how many time there is CD in A1 to A4 data range.


This function is used for a conditional query in the cells. It is a logical function.

Syntax: IF(logical_test,valuue_if_true,Value_if_false)

If the condition is true then it will show the Value_if_true value and if the condition is false it will show the another one.

Example: If(B7>50),"Good","BAD")


This function converts the numbers presented in the cells in date.

Syntax: =Date(Year, Month, Day)

Example: Date(A2,B2,C2)


Using this function we can convert the numbers in time.

Syntax: =Time(hour, minute, second)

Example: Time(A2, B2, C2)


This functions shows the present date and time.

Example and Syntax: Now()


This function adds text strings presented in various cells in a cell.

Syntax: Concatenate(text1, text2,....)

Example: =CONCATENATE(A2," ", A3)


This function converts the small letters in capital letter.

Syntax: Upper(text)

Example: UPPER(A1)

The above example will convert all the small letters in capital letters of the A1 cell.


This function converts the capital letters in small letter of a cell.

Syntax: =Lower(text)


In this article we teach you the most important excel functions. This excel formulas will help you in examination of any kind.

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