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Moviesda(2020) Tamil Movies Download

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Moviesda is one of the most searched website in google in India. It is one of the very popular pirated websites in India. When a new tamil movie releases, people search for moviesda for downloading new tamil movies.

What is

It is one of the most older and popular pirated websites in India as well as on the world. This website is very popular in south because the south Indian people loves to watch movies a lot. So they search for downloading tamil movies over online. This website is specially famous for tamil movies.

There are many movie streaming platform in India from where you can download movies and songs. Some of them are illegal and some of them are legal. Movies da comes in the illegal category. It is the most popular movies downloading site.

This website provides all new tamil movies for download. The website owners regularly update new movies on their sites. Not only tamil movies it also leaks other south Indian language movies. It also leaks hollywood movies.

Overview Movies da

Movies da is one of the older websites in India. At first the website owner makes the site only for download tamil movies. But now this site provides all types of movies to download in south Indian base.

The piracy website was not famous so much at first. According to my knowledge This website starts download movies free from 2015. Because in their site there is a option of download all movies of 2015. So it seems that this site starts at 2015, that means 5 years ago.

Like other websites, it was not most popular in the beginning. But as you know the movie downloading sites grows very mast than other niche websites. So very soon it became most popular.

But when a pirated website becomes popular in our country the Government bans the website link so that nobody can open the link to download movies. Because using the piracy websites in India is illegal. So moviesda changes their urls many times and this is going on.

Moviesda 2019 isaimini

Isaimini is a piracy website industry. They have many illegal pirated websites. And the movies da is a website of isaimini. That's like they have various websites. Isaimini is a pirated website. In India which websites are piracy website, are illegal.

So the Government banned the website in India. But has many domain names for backup and they have other websites like Moviesda. Now moviesda actually not working. The isaimini redirected the link to their main website. I become to know that it is a sub-website of isaimini from the redirection.

The isaimini website is the most popular tamil movie downloading website like tamilrockers, klwap etc. When a new tamil movie releases they leaks this movies after some days of its release.

Does this websites effect on movie business

To know about this at first we have to know to know that who uses the pirated websites like isaimini. Ok the sarvey told that the people who lives in villages and they cannot watch new movies because there are not any multiplex or single screen hall in their village, they often use this types of pirated websites to download the new movies. And the busy people who have many jobs and they cannot manage a enough time to go to the theater and watch new movies, they use this types of websites.

And we know that south Indian movies are very popular in all over the India even the world. When a new tamil movie release it release only in the south indian theaters. So other tamil movies fans cannot watch the film. Often they use the pirated websites for downloading movies.

So in both cases you can see these websites are not harming the movies business at all. But yes they are creating a very small amount of loss. So it was my case study and my point of view. So tell me in the comment box what is your thinking on this topic.

moviesda, movies da, tamil movies download

Small Tour to Moviesda Isaimini

Why moviesda is popular and user why love this site. Well let's tour to Moviesda.

This website has a very easy interface like other downloading sites like tamilrockers and klwap. When you open the website, you can see a well written description which helps the website in SEO. Under the description you can see a some categories. These categories are

  • Tamil 2020 movies download
  • 2019 Tamil movies download
  • 2018 Tamil movies download
  • 2017 Tamil movies download
  • 2016 Tamil movies download
  • 2015 Tamil movies download
  • English Tamil movie download
  • Dubbed Tamil movie download
  • New update tamil movie download

When a user open the website he can easily browse the movies of this website using this categories. They can easily download movies from this website. When a new movie comes the website leaks it in the new update tamil movie download category.

This is why this site have monthly huge visitors.

How This Website Earn Money

Now the general niche websites are earning google adsense and affiliate marketing. But the main earning source of a website is google adsense. But adsense never gives approval to serve their ads in pirated and downloading websites. So now the question how they earn?

Movies da is earning money by popads network. Popads network approves all types of websites. When you click in those website a new tab or new window automatically opens. It is popads.

The normal sites don't use this types of ads because the users don't likes these types of ads to see. But the pirated websites use because the user has not second option. So they earn money by popads impression.

Moviesda also earns money by the link shorter websites. Then the user clicks on the link the website owner earns money. This is a good earning source.

Is MoviesDa Illegal

This question is often asked that is movies da illegal. So at first we have to know what is illegal websites or pirated websites. Which website provides to download other copyrighted content, these sites are piracy website. Now the website is providing copyright movies so this website is also a piracy website.

All piracy websites are illegal. Using piracy websites are also illegal and it is a type of crime. So never use piracy websites.

Alternative Of Moviesda

Like Movies da there are many other piracy websites in India. You know piracy websites becomes popular soon. So there are many alternative websites. These alternative websites are :

  6. Torrent
  12. 8XMovies
  13. Mastihot
  22. mallumv pw

These all websites are piracy and illegal website. But all of them are very famous. If you are using these websites, don't do this.

Legal Alternatives

Is there any legal alternative of these piracy websites? Yes, there are also many legal and secure websites and apps. People are using these websites to download tv shows, movies, and songs. You also can use these legal websites. Let's know what are the legal sites:

  1. Hotstar
  3. Netflix
  4. Amazon prime
  5. Zee5
  6. Jio Cinema
  7. Neton app
  8. Sony Liv

These websites are easily available in google. You can easily access them.

New Tamil movies leaked by moviesda to download

This website leaks all the movies all tamil movies for download. There are some list that are leaked by moviesda.

  • Darbar
  • Pattas
  • Server Sundaram
  • World Famous Lover
  • Mafia Chapter-1
  • Oh My Kadavule
  • Walter
  • Velvet Nagaram
  • cocktail
  • God Father
  • Psyco
  • Hero

Why We Should Not Use Piracy Website

Well, if you are reading this article you are thinking that why we should not use the piracy websites. Only for legal issue?

No, you should use piracy websites like moviesda because there are many issue that can effect on your computer.

First of all, you shouldn't use piracy websites for legal issue. As you are a citizen of India you should follow the rules of India. You should not use these sites.

Secondly, piracy websites are not secure. When you visit a piracy website you can see there is written "not secure" in the URL. As a internet expert I never visit these types of site those are not secure. Because the hackers easily hack these sites and database, and inject virus in the downloading files. When you download a movie your computer will be effected by virus.

So, don't use piracy websites for your own security.

New Links of Moviesda

This is a piracy website. Which websites provides content without copyright are piracy websites. And in India this is illegal. So the links of moviesda are always banned. So here is the new links of this website.


Hope these links are working now.

Disclaimer is not promoting the piracy activity. This article is only for knowledge and awareness purpose. We don't support piracy.


I tried to share the full information about moviesda in this article. In short we can say that Movies da is a sub-website of isaimini and it is pirated website. This is running from 2015. Nowadays this website is redirecting it users to the isaimini website where they can download tamil movies.

Moviesda is a not secure website. So it is harmful for it's user. This types of websites can be easily virus effected. So you should not use this website at all. And piracy websites are illegal in our country. You should use legal websites or mobile apps like hotstar, jio cinema, for downloading tamil movies.

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