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Tamilrockers Malayalam Movies Free Download In 2020

tamilrockers malayalam movies free download

Tamilrockers malayalam movies free download: Well everybody knows the tamilrockers website which is the most famous piracy website. This is the oldest piracy website in India. As you know the malayalam film industry is so big and it has a huge audience. So when a malayalam movie release the fans looks for tamilrockers malayalam movies free download. Because all the people cannot go to the theater for watching movies.

Tamilrockers is a very old website. The website at first was for download the malayalam movies only. But latter the website becomes growing. At first internet was not very cheap. So when the internet become cheap in India the website boost like a rocket. But now you cannot find the websites link easily. Because tamilrockers is now ban in India. And tamilrockers have a lot of new domain names.

Tamilrockers Malayalam Movies Free Download Tips

Tamilrockers is a piracy website. it is a piracy website because the website leaks the new movies without the permissions and copyright agreement. So the website is not allowed in India country and many other countries. You have to search well to open this website. Because they changes their domains everyday. There are many movie downloading website that are similar with tamilrockers. Here I will give some tips for tamilrockers malayalam movies free download in 2020. Because in 2020 there are many websites like tamilrockers.

Remember one thing, that using piracy websites like tamilrockers.li and tamilrockers.com is illegal. As a responsible citizen you should not use the piracy websites. This article is for only the information purpose. If you try to open the tamilrockers website with vpn then also you cannot open the website. The url will redirected you in a new website. So now what is the solution. The solution is find the current tamilrockers link and open the website or use its best alternative.

Tamilrockers New Links

There are many links of tamilrockers website in 2020. Because the government and internet service providers bans the website many times. So the website have many links in this year. You have to find the right link to open the website. Here is some new link of tamrockers website.

  • tamilrockers.li
  • tamilrockers.l
  • tamilrockers.gf
  • tamilrockers.ch
  • tamilrockers.online
  • tamilrockers.site

Hope this links will work. you have to search the links in browser. If the links work the website will open.

New Released Tamilrockers Malayalam Movies Free Download

There are some new released malayalam movies that tamilrockers leaks in their website after some days of release. There are many websites that leaks new malayalam movies. Tamilrockers is one of them. The malayalam industry is very big industry in India but all the people cannot go to the theater to watch all the new movies. So they want to download the new released tamilrockers malayalam movies free from the website. Because the website's origin is from the malayalam states. there are many people who use this website to download the new malayalam movies. The new leaked movies are

  • Kozhipporu new malayalam movie download
  • 2 States Download
  • Kappela
  • Ole Kanda Naal
  • Kaalan Venu
  • Isha
  • Forensic

This is the list of the new malayalam movies in 2020. All the movies you can get in the tamilrockers home page. In the home you can see all the new released malayalam movies list.

Tamilrockers overview

Tamilrockers is a very famous movie downloading website. The mallu people use tamilrockers malayalam movies free download to watch the new movies. There you also can watch the old movies and new malayalam web series. You can also download the new other language movies in your malayalam language. If people want to watch a malayalam movie online they can also do that.

The website has many domain names and all the domains have different traffic source. The main website that means tamilrockers.com have monthly 200k to 400k visitors. They have many websites. This is the matrix of one website according to the website informer. Now tamilrockers is also known as the isaimini.com. Isaimini is the new website of tamilrockers you can say that. The isaimini website have almost 60m visitors per month.

Alternatives of Tamilrockers

I have mentioned before that there are many movie downloading websites in the internet like tamilrockers. Some of them are specially for malayalam movie download. So if people cannot find the tamilrockers original websites they open the alternatives. The alternatives of tamilrockers malayalam movies free download are below.

Moviesda Tamil:

Moviesda is a tamil movie downloading website. This website is one of the oldest movie downloading website. The user interface of moviesda tamil is very simple. So people like to use this website to download movies. The malayalam movies are also available in this website. The mallu people also likes this website for download malayalam movies. This is a good alternative of tamilrockers.


klwap is one of the tamilrockers alternative. This is also a piracy website and people use it to download movies. This is also not a secure website like other movie downloading websites. Here you cannot watch movies online.


Isaimini is the best alternative of tamilrockers. When you search tamilrockers or tamilrockers domains isaimini appears in the top. So people open the isaimini website. This website has a lot of malayalam movies collection. 60M people visits this website per month. You can imagine how famous this website is.

Mallumv pw

Mallumv pw is the best malayalam movie downloading website which is specially for malayalam movies. The malayalam movie lovers visits this website many times. The website is very user friendly from its interface. But you have to face a lot of pop ads in this website. But hence this is a very good movie downloading website for malayalam people.

Cinemavilla | Tamilrockers Malayalam Movies Free Download

Cinemavilla is a good alternative for tamilrockers malayalam movies free download. This website have a very good interface from other movie downloading website. Here you can see a very cool and attractive home page. So many people likes this website. But here you also have to face pop ads and link shorter ads.


Tamilrockers malayalam movies free download tips is here I told. If you are using tamilrockers and its alternatives then this is not safe for you. Because there are some malwares in movie downloading websites that can harm your computer or mobile. Many people use vpn to open this types of websites.

If you are a malayalam movie lover you should try t go to the theater and watch movies. But it is not possible for all people. Then use the good ways of downloading movies like hotstar and hungama.com. You can also use the web series platforms like netflix and amazon prime. This are not piracy and unsecure like tamilrockers malayalam movies free download.

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