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7 Unknown Facts About Network | How To Increase Internet Speed

how to increase internet speed

How to increase internet speed? This is a common question of every people. But here I will share 7 facts about the network which very few people know. After knowing this facts your internet speed will be very fast.

There are huge population in India and most of people use the 4g internet. So this reason the internet speed and network signal lacks many time. When many people browse the internet in a time, the connect get overload and so this reason the internet lacks.

7 Interesting Facts About The Network | How to Increase Internet Speed

The network is not a small thing. It is a very complex thing to understand. There are many facts that you don't know about your network. And if you are searching in google hoe to increase network speed without the learning the facts then this is wrong with you.

1. Metal Furnitures

If you are living in a room where is many metal elements and furnitures and other furnitures then your internet speed should be slow quite. Because the metal things consume the radio signals and mobile tower signals. And the big furnitures comes behind you and your internet signal.

Now what is the solution. Well there is a miracle solution for this. You have to place your furnitures in the corners of your room. This will be a miracle for your internet. Your internet speed will fast.

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2. Trees And Network

I was watching a movie and there was a village where network signals don't come. So the people of the village go to a tree and they call there. I thought that this is a funny fact. But when I research about that I become to that this is true. The trees are very friendly with the networks.

Go under a tree and you experience that this is faster network than the other places. If there are nay tree plant in your home garden, go near the tree and enjoy the fast internet. So plant trees instead of searching how to increase internet speed.

3. Open Windows

If you are living in a closed windows room than it is not unnatural that your internet speed is slow. The signal have to come to your mobile from the windows. But if you open the windows then your internet speed will good. So open the windows and come near the windows.

You can go to the top of the floor. Then go to the corner where the mobile tower is. You will enjoy the full internet speed like me.

4. Plastic Phone

The plastic phones are very comfortable with networks better than the metal phones. The price of the plastic body phones are cheaper than the metal phones. Because the plastic don't consume the signal but the metal consumes the signal of your network. For this reason plastic phone is cool with internet speed. Plastic phones are also very easy for designing.

5. Supermarket

You are in a supermarket and searching how to increase internet speed then you are very fool friend. The supermarkets are full of metal things and lot of products. So there is no chance to get full signal for increasing internet speed. There are also crowd in the supermarkets. So that the internet speed is slow.

6. Crowd

The crowd places are not comfortable with the internet speed. When many people gather and there phones gather the signal become overloaded. So that you cannot access a fast internet in a crowd place.

7. Flight Mode

If your internet speed is 0 then stop searching how to increase internet speed. You have to on your flight mode then wait for 60 seconds. After that off the flight mode. Then you can get the tower in your phone and can access internet.


I hope you have got the answer of how to increase internet speed. This was the 7 unknown facts about the internet speed and the network. If you are living in a empty place with the green trees trees then you are enjoying the full internet speed.

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